Teach me lord to be strong

To work in the path of righteousness

To never depart from your presence


As I work through this earth

May my thoughts and actions

Be in accordance to your will
Your will oh lord I pray

Not the will I presume

May I be proud to speak about you

No matter where I find myself


May the things of this earth

Never come between us

It’s always going to be you and I


As I break down and fall on my knees

As a result of my sins

Give me the grace to rise up again

For I am strong when i’m with you


Dearest God

Let my wish be done

According to Thy Will.
What’s your deepest desire in regards to your relationship with God? As I sat down one day at work, I really don’t know what happened. I had thoughts running through my mind and I had to put it down. It might make sense to some and it might not to some, but it doesn’t stop me from sharing… Be you a Muslim or a Christian, what’s your desire as regards to your relationship with God. 

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