Something in my mind makes me wonder 

How’s beautiful is the bright 

Clear sky above us

I say to myself 

What a glorious sight it is 

There’s something noticeable about

The sun when it appears 

It proclaims as it rises 

How marvelous such a thing is

Made by the Lord God Almighty

At noon it dries up the land

No one on earth can stand it’s blazing heat

When I look at the rainbows 

I will always praise it’s creator

And I will say to myself 

How magnificent and how radiant 

It’s beauty……… 

I wrote this poem in 2009. I just found it in my book of poems and I decided to share it with the picture I took of nature one day on my way home from work in 2017…

In the midst of this bad happenings  in Libya, I want us to stop, breathe in and observe the beauty of nature around you and be thankful for who you are, where you are and the people around you. Most especially, be grateful to God… 

It’s all about the beauty of nature today….. After reading, kindly take a picture of anything that signifies nature and share with us. Writing what amazes you about it…. 

It’s a challenge. Let’s see who posts the best of nature amazing pictures… 

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