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Every time I go on Facebook, consciously or unconsciously, I always find myself checking Mr Allison Hyacintho’s page because his very good when it comes to youth and relationship advice. Well if you don’t know him or haven’t read his book or any of his write ups, it’s not too late to do so.

I am sharing Mr Allison’s write up on relationship exercise because I know it would be bad of me if I don’t do that. “I am not a stingy reader”.


1- Find a good time to pray together and share a foundation of faith, whether physically or over the phone. And do not let a day pass without bringing your partners’ loving name up to the Lord in your own quiet devotion. Do not wait until there is a need before you pray.

Pray “Lord, I thank you for the man/woman you have given to me to nurture. Shield him/her away from temptations today, protect his/her heart from evil, fill my partner with your Holy Spirit, and let him/her walk in your presence daily. Amen.”

2- When you get together today turn your phone or data off so you can focus to enjoy each others company without distractions. Quality time is not about the number of hours you spend together, it is what you do with the smallest amount of time you have to share that really matters. So today, keep your hands off your phone, stay off your chats, give Facebook a break and facelove your partner for those precious moments together.

3- Surround yourself with people who have strong moral character and godly values. I’m not just talking about you two hanging out together with friends who add value to your relationship, I’m talking about you building friendship with people who add value to your personal life. Because the more you keep seeking to add value to yourself, the more your relationship will keep growing in value.

4- Compliment each other. Pay attention to the little changes going on in their life. Say nice things about the way they’re dressed and their hair, etc!.. But more importantly, learn to say I love you, more I love you, endless I love you. At the end of every phone call, at the end of every text, just keep saying I love you, no one will beat you. 😝😝😝

5- Wake up and repeat these four exercises EVERY DAY! 😂😂

Enjoy a beautiful day!

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I might not be able to write always due to my work but I promise to always share important write ups I come across to…..

It’s all about you……. Never forget that.


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March 8 every year is the day set aside to celebrate women all over the world. International women’s day commemorates the movement for women’s demand for an end to violence against women, equality in the workplace and proper respect for the option and views of women.

Things to do to celebrate international women’s day.

  1. Taking a bold step and make ground breaking decisions that are effective. Let go of the fear you have as a woman.
  2. Encourage you to your wives, sisters, daughters and female friends..
  3. Celebrate women in films. (tell stories of successful women)
  4. Celebrate successful women such as the followings:

Nwanyeruwa is the woman who instigated a short war that is often referred to as the first major challenge to British authority in West Africa during the colonial period. Some call it the Aba women’s riots and some call it the Women’s War.

Amina (also Aminatu; d. 1610) was a HausaMuslim warrior queen of Zazzau (now Zaria), in what is now north west Nigeria. She is the subject of many legends, but is believed by historians to have been a real ruler.

Chief Funmilayo Ransome Kuti (25 October 1900 – 13 April 1978) was a teacher, political campaigner, women’s rights activist and traditional aristocrat in Nigeria. She served with distinction as one of the most prominent leaders of her generation. She was also the first woman in the country to drive a car. Ransome-Kuti’s political activism led to her being described as the doyen of female rights in Nigeria, as well as to her being regarded as “The Mother of Africa.

Margaret Ekpo (June 27, 1914 – September 21, 2006) was a Nigerian women’s rights activist and social mobilizer who was a pioneering female politician in the country’s First Republic and a leading member of a class of traditional Nigerian women activists, many of whom rallied women beyond notions of ethnic solidarity.

Azeezat Oshoala is a Nigerian female footballer who currently plays for Chinese side Dalian Quanjian F.C. She has represented Nigeria in several football tournaments. She was named ‘Best player’ at the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup and 2014 African Women’s Championship.

Blessing Okagbare is an award winning Nigerian athlete. She beat Usain Bolt, to the 2016 Guinness world records feat as the athlete with the most diamond league appearances. Okagbare holds the women’s 100 metres Commonwealth Games record for the fastest time at 10.85 seconds.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is currently the face of Nigerian literature. She is a fierce advocate for gender equality. Adichie has won numerous literary awards including the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction.

This is just to mention but a few of both old and modern women in Nigeria 🇳🇬 that we need to emulate their strength and boldness to do great things….

We need to learn how to appreciate all the women around us. They do a lot without getting any appreciation. Not that they do it for the appreciation but a little “Thank you, sorry and I love you won’t hurt”

Today we celebrate international women’s day…
Today I support the world to fight for the rights of women. To demand for the end of violence against women and sexual harassment. For equality in workplace and more representation in positions of power.
Today is a day to appreciate all women.
I am strong, I am bold and I am proud to be a woman.
My name is Abazuom Precious

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back” Malaga Yousafzai..

Happy international women’s day.

Picture source: A painting by Jake Solo.


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I’m not perfect
Just perfectly flawed,
With broken edges
That are curved & broad.
I’ve been ripped apart
Only to be stitched,
Sewn with resilience
And a little added bitch.
I’m a cocktail of disaster
A messed up recipe,
With a teaspoon of spice
And a dash of profanity.
I’m a hurricane
So beautiful to view,
Just not a storm
To get sucked into.
With a life forged
Full of rejection
I became perfect
A perfect imperfection


Source: Perfect imperfection.

I saw this beautiful poem on a friend’s blog and decided to share it with everyone. I love it because the writer knows she’s not perfect and decided to own her imperfections.

We all need to learn from this poem to be proud of who we are. You can only work on changing the bad things about you not because you want to impress anyone but because you know it’s the right thing to do… Let’s not forget this month of March is a month of “self forgiveness”. Realize your mistakes, own your past, forgive yourself and try to move own.

Every single thing you have been through is part of live molding you to become who you are expected to be.

It’s all about you….. Never forget that.


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I love the way you kiss my skin.
The after effect of your touch is amazing.
The glow you give me.
An Ebony Queen you make me.
You bloom and lay low.
Giving the sea an orange bow.
Sometimes you hurt me till I cry.
Because when I see you,I can’t help but pry.
To me,throughout the year,you awesome.
I marvel at your beauty,I love you SUN🌞

Poem by :Ria💋 (Akwaji Maria)

It’s a beautiful Saturday and a good day to enjoy the sun….. We are angry about the weather in Nigeria. While someone somewhere is praying to have a little sun.

It’s another day for someone’s celebration of wedding, birthday, engagement or random celebration somewhere especially in Lagos. I love the Yoruba spirit of celebration….. Almost every Saturday is “owanbe”. Today is a day to admire the beauty of the ☀.

Have a wonderful and amazing weekend…..


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I would be sharing an extract from the book I’m currently reading titled “After by Anna Todd” on watt pad.

“People spend their entire lives making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, it is the natural cycle of mankind. It’s always been that way and every single religion has a tale of betrayal and forgiveness. Judas Iscariot is the most famous. Judas who was one of Jesus’s twelve disciples betrayed him for only thirty silver coin.

Jesus of course forgave him, that is the essence behind Jesus of Nazareth. “Forgiveness”. It is believed that Judas couldn’t live with the betrayal he had committed so he hung himself, the moral here being that even though he was forgiven by Jesus he was never able to forgive himself.

While he is worse, not being forgiven by the one you betray, whether it’s God, or someone else or not being able to forgive yourself? ”

I decided to share this so that we can all evaluate ourselves and see that no matter what we have done in life, we need to forgive ourselves….

On this note, I say a big happy new month to everyone.. Let this month be a month of forgiveness.

” I can say from experience, forgiving yourself for a mistake is one of the hardest things in life but it is necessary if you want to move forward “

Picture source : Google.


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It would have been better if I had the guts to tell you how I felt
I shouldn’t have waited all these time
Now you will never be mine
Cos your hers

Whenever I saw you I felt so shy to approach you
When I came close I felt so shy to talk to you
I finally spoke to you but I still couldn’t tell you
How I felt

We became friends just so I could be close to you
But that was wrong because you couldn’t see my true feelings
I wanted you all of you but now your gone
You will never be mine

I hated seeing you two together
I wanted it to be me But you choose her
You made me your best man
Now your forever gone

I shouldn’t have waited
Now I get no chance to show you how I felt
I shouldn’t have kept quiet
Thought I had all the time
Thought you could see through me
But now I see different
Am only going to be that
Best friend forever
It shouldn’t have been so.

It’s a love triangle poem. I wonder how many of us had been and still are in such a situation….. I think we should learn to speak out our mind we never can tell how it might turn out to be……. From love to “friend Zone”.

I would like to hear your opinion of what you would do if you find yourself in this situation be you a man or a woman.

Picture gotten from Google from one of my favorite Bollywood movie……..


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Happy new month.. It’s gradually beginning to look like I say happy new month or happy new year a week late. Well, I began my month with a very bad malaria. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick to the extent I was given an 💉 for my fever.. But thank God finally I’m supper better now.

Today I am sharing another poem that we need to keep in mind as we prepare for the up coming 2019 election.


Hear me and hear me right.
The talking drum has decided to speak.
We all have to listen.

We choose him because we trusted him
Our trust he has broken for our good or his?
Does he not see what the masses are going through?
Or has he turned blind as well as deaf?

They come out with sweet dreams only to turn out bitter
I don’t like bitter sweet things
Bitter when tasted and sweet when seen
Majority suffer while a few sing of his praises.

Soon it would be time to choose again
The right man I hope this time
It’s time we choose wisely
And stop selling our future for rice, tomatoes and wrappers

We no longer want old foolish men
Men with no wisdom
Not all old are wise and not all young are foolish

Enough is enough for the wise
For we no longer want experience as our teacher
He who has ears let him hear…………

Conga has spoken
Am only but a drummer girl

Which reminds me, if you are in Nigeria and you are 18 and above and you still don’t have your permanent voters 💳, then you are not serious..

We are quick to criticize the government or the person in power but we won’t move an inch to play our own part in selecting the best leader of your choice… To be totally sincere, I don’t have mine but I have started working on getting it. At least that’s a step. Let’s all go out there and do the right thing. Find out the closest unit to you and get your PVC or get yours transferred if you did it in another state.

Let’s not forget that it’s all about us, our country 🇳🇬 and our future.. Together we can make it.

How is to choose between love and a career?

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Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful Saturday and aside from regular Saturday house chores, hope you intend having a wonderful day today or would be like me that they would be spending the day indoors except a miracle happens.

This January is almost coming to an end and am happy because I have been meeting amazing bloggers. Well not physical meeting more of getting to follow new amazing bloggers. I also decided that aside from my regular write ups, I would be sharing posts from amazing bloggers so we can all learn together.

Below is a post I read and I found so interesting so I decided to share. I hope you enjoy it as I did.


Envy is a follower of jealousy. When you feel stung by jealousy, next side effect is envy. You have something that other’s don’t have and now they will stab you in the back. If you think that your beloved man is jealous only of other men in your life, you are very wrong.

Imagine that you live with a man who is without a job. It can happen to everyone, but that situation could be long-lasting or even permanent. So you will earn money for you, your husband and your children. It would be natural that husband feeds his family, but in some families, women are bosses, because they work, and men are at home. Fatima lives in Bosnia and she works as a teacher. She lives with unemployed husband and three adult sons. They are all lazy and they sleep all day because at night they watch movies and play games at computers. Her husband Alvin had some short time jobs, usually, he was painting walls and selling potato from their garden, but all this makes him tired. Fatima started to earn with tarot, to solve their financial problems. She is a wise woman, but Alvin has a different perception of her. He became jealous. He said to her that she should not visit her parents, who live in another country. He was very determined in his decision, so Fatima accepted this and she did not come even to her mother’s funeral. Slowly, she broke relation with all her friends, because her husband demanded this. Now she is in retirement and very ill, so she felt that she did huge mistake in her life.
Jealousy is not only bad act of a person who loves you madly. This is the product of ego and insecurity. Some men are so old-fashioned that they can’t stand superiority of their female partners.

You will think, he loves you, how can he be jealous of your success?
This is possible, and signs are next:
He doesn’t want that you finish your studying at college because he thinks your place is at home.
He doesn’t want that you accept a promotion at work, even you would earn more.
He can’t accept the fact that bosses chose your wife for important and responsible work, that they did not choose him, even he is a man.
He talks about you as you are his rival or competition.
He starts to underestimate you. You can’t drive better because you are a woman. You can’t work successfully because you are a woman.
His view is old fashioned and he thinks that women should never work in higher positions.
If your partner can’t support you, who can?
Your happiness has a direct influence on your relationship. Would you be happy that your husband gives you money every day, in small amounts, accord his wishes? Would you be happy that your main aim in life is the role of housewife, and that all you can do is cleaning, washing laundry or ironing?
Ambitions could be obstacles when your man is envious, traditional or jealous. This kind of jealousy can go so far that he will give you choice between you or your work.
If he is already your ex, you can also expect battlefield.
Robert and Constance were in relation to two years. He was working as a manual worker, in the warehouse. She was writer, but she could not find a publisher to sell her book. So she was working in the library, and selling books. One day she met a man who offered her to write columns in local newspapers, and she accepted his terms. It was no big chance for success, but Constance was happy. She became very popular and soon she found a publisher. Robert was green with envy. He did not support her, he felt an animal spot in her life, especially when his boss said to him that he will not get next salary on time. He was a loser, and their relation broke because Constance could not handle his doubts and jealousy.
Who is better and who will win? That questions should never exist in one relation. Your husband is your supporter, not your rival neither your enemy.

Source: How is to choose between love and a career?

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It’s all about you. Never forget that.

You are a perfect person with a beautiful smile

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Good morning everyone. Today I found and read this poem that was posted by one of the bloggers I follow and I decided to share.

It just shows the little contradictions we face in our lives especially when it comes to relationship. I hope you enjoy and understand it just like I did. The meaning is deeper than the words you see. Click on the source to read the full write up.

Aren’t you bored just to shine always? As I write this to you, you will never get to read these words out. I just want to say. I miss you so very much but yet I don’t love you. Still, I don’…

Sourcevia You are a perfect person with a beautiful smile

It’s all about you……. Never forget that.



Good morning everyone. For awhile I have been busy. But I decided to dabble a little into something that is currently happening in our country. People might call it politics but I call it our reality. I remember the first time I wrote an article about my view on a particular government in power when I was in secondary school, my government teacher discouraged me from publishing or writing such. For “your safety” she said.

But today I decided to write but this time, in a poem format. I just hope this poem speaks to us and helps us prepare for a better 2019. It’s our country Nigeria and we have the right to make it better.


I have sat for so long in silence
Wondering if no one will speak
We are silent; yes we have always been silent
Will no one speak?

Our silence has been taken for stupidity
They come out at that time of the year
With their fake promises
We would put air conditions in the air
And fight corruption till the end

Corruption they say?
But who is more corrupt than them?
He is working people say
But yet we see nothing
Remind me exactly what he is doing because I must have amnesia.

They say you dare not speak
You speak, you die
They put fear in our minds
As they rob us of our oil.

Before they say, go to school
It’s only through education you can make it
Now the song has changed
It has become, go into farming
But what facilities have you made available?

No jobs for the youths
Yet their unborn grandchildren, already receive salaries
You don’t pay your workers salaries,
Yet you find pleasure in erecting statues
Why are you then a leader?

They gather round and talk of how our money will be spent
Yet we see nothing it was spent on
You talk of empowering the youth
Yet you give them wheel barrows as gifts
Oh! Is that what you meant as empowerment?

See how their blood flows
Down to their own very river
The blood of the innocents
River Benue, the river of its people

We mourn for our lost brothers
We pray for their souls
But not as much as we mourn for our country
We are gradually turning this land of oil
To the land that flows of blood

Oh Nigeria! Nigeria my country
Is this what you have turned to?
No one sings praises of you again
Everyone is looking for away to break up with you
We are all looking for a white man who can give us everything.

They take our silence for stupidity
They call us the most patient people in the world
A compliment but yet an insult
I fear for our feature
Yes! Our future I fear.

Today I beat the drum to proclaim the truth
Hear ye! and hear it loud and clear
Claim not that you didn’t hear
For the drum of Conga will speak loud and clear.

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